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Institut Margalet (IMCAT), through our ONLINE training platform, offers a wide training offer to health professionals.

Online training not only provides access to all those who can not attend classes but also offers a large number of advantages:

  • Great flexibility
  • Ease of access and no need to travel
  • Training offer with content update
  • Personalized training and active learning is born of the union of an experts with a recognized prestige that put together knowledge and experience to offer a continuous training to health professionals all over the world in the orthopedic and medicine field.

Our goals are to facilitate, improve and expand the knowledge of orthopedics, increasing its technical, anatomical, physiological, pathological and legislative knowledge in this field of orthopedics and medicine.

From you will have access to a wide range of training programs for health professionals of all levels, with courses by experts from different areas, educational material designed, multimedia content, videos, texts, photographs, illustrations and audios.

Also to each of the courses, additional information is provided to complete the contents, with links of interest and a knowledge control to assess and evaluate the course achievement by the students.

It also has consultants who will attend and resolve any type of doubts or queries that may arise during the course.

Each course offered by has a theoretical and practical orientation.

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