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    Welcome to our Institut Margalet Training website. A wide range of training opportunities leaded by Dr. Eric Margalet.

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    Train means give value to your diagnosis in order to improve final decisions and giving added value to your patients. Differentiate yourself from competence. Training increases the effectiveness of medical care.

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ONLINE Training

Through our online platform, you will be able to choose the type of training/course to take. Courses conducted by experts in different medical areas.

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ONE TO ONE Training

A personalized training in our facilitities on that surgical technique/training you need. You can request it through our form.

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All the information on the training courses that we develope during the year. Request information via our form.

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Institut Margalet Training is a website to bring all those health professionals from the field of orthopedic surgery and traumatology to a quality medical training with Dr. Eric Margalet at your head. A training that will serve to increase and improve the quality of medical care for our patients, increasing the quality of their praxis and improving the patient's prognosis.

A three way training, online, one to one or face-to-face for health professionals to improve their knowledge  with new and innovative techniques, their skills and their professional attitudes in the face of the constant scientific and technological evolution of the sector.

Orthopedic surgery and traumatology is in continuous evolution and that is why it requires that its professionals stay up to date with the latest procedures and techniques, in order to be able to provide the most correct and adequate assistance to their patients in each moment and before each situation. With the latest advances and technology, in addition to encouraging the professional in their daily work we increase their professional motivation.

In our clinic, medical professionals attend both national and international for their training both theoretical and practical assisting in live surgeries in which they are explained the different surgical techniques that are used and the different procedures with the latest technologies.

A training tailored and designed to facilitate the updating of the doctor-traumatologist in the advances in surgeries in order that they can perform quality surgical practices.

Welcome to Institut Margalet Training